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Sep . 10 . 2018

Will the policy be fruitful in the coming times or there should be a change You are not alone in this world nor can you survive this way successfully. The UK is now going to become an independent entity in the coming year and with it, many things will change according to what will happen […]

Aug . 9 . 2018

India, One of The World’s Biggest Peninsulas The Indian shoreline of 7516 kilometres approximately makes India one of the biggest peninsulas.  Ministry of Shipping of India confirms 90% of Indian trade, by volume, through sea cargo. India is documented to have 212 operational ports, 12 of which are major ports, while 200 ports are classified […]

Jul . 23 . 2018

With its iconic skylines, full-throttle growth, fantastic opportunities, famous beach resorts, adventure sports and cultural diversities, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been established as one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. Not only has it been rated as one of the top tourist spots, it is one of the most searched […]

Jul . 19 . 2018

Allowing foreign ships to operate in Indian waters is facing criticism Transportation of goods by sea is a very old way of taking cargo from one place to another. It is seen as an inexpensive way of sending articles either from country to country or regionally. India has a vast scattered area with a large […]

Jun . 22 . 2018

A new runway for Heathrow Airport got the green signal from UK government The British government has underwritten the construction of a third runway at London’s Heathrow Airport, with a cabinet meeting recently approving the plan. Well, this decision paves the way for the long-running issue to be put up for a parliamentary vote. Heathrow […]

Apr . 18 . 2018

China knows the importance of Indian Ocean to dealing with international market Beijing titles the South China Sea as its own but totally rejects all ideas that the Indian Ocean should be considered either as India’s sea or as Indian premises. The consequences of these conflicting situations may turn out to be progressively vital in […]

Apr . 9 . 2018

India enjoys a good deal of internal cargo movement to support its economy Geography of the country has direct affect on the cargo business of the country Big countries have big opportunities to develop them by using their internal sources, they have. If you have vast geographical boundaries around your country and have vast area […]

Mar . 6 . 2018

Government is showing serious steps towards reforming the sector to perform better Today, it is not just about doing business with the world through sea. It is still a useful mode but revolutions lead to many new directions and opportunities for the world to compete globally. The importance of air cargo can never be denied […]

Feb . 28 . 2018

Sending Cargo to India has never been easy Sending gifts is such a love spreading thing with which you express your feelings for your loved ones. In the age of science, distance is not a problem anymore. You can find and get anything from all over the world with in no time. In order to […]

Feb . 19 . 2018

Local business of any country has its effects on international business Area of the country has direct effect on the cargo business of the country Big countries have big opportunities to develop them if they are rich with natural sources and resources. On the globe if you have big area for your country it mean […]

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