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Sep . 23 . 2017

Growing Indian market has great potential for foreign products After years of over capacity the Europe to Asia bound freight forwarders are now facing shortage of capacity to meet the demand of this route after emergence of new alliances. India in 2014 was at 54th number in growth of economy, but last year it jumped […]

Aug . 25 . 2017

India is striving to get international cargo business Indian Government is emphasizing on the rest of the world to cooperate in cargo domain When you represent a big community and huge nation, your responsibilities increase day by day and Indian Government has realized this problem, so it has come out and moved around all over […]

Aug . 23 . 2017

Change of governments may not change the desire to enhance business volume Trade between United Kingdom and India has always been a reason of strong bilateral relations and now once again trade agreement between the two was a source of getting political mileage in recent elections. Free trade agreement between the two nations has been […]

Aug . 11 . 2017

Possible new agreements between two countries will increase cargo traffic More trade means more cargo handling at ports that would bring excessive business for freight forwarding companies. Cargo container shipping booked for Indian cities at offices of freight forwarding agents in UK are timely delivered at ports of the biggest South Asian nation. Recently elected […]

Aug . 9 . 2017

It will work to serve the nation and fruitful for the economy, Indian Government Indian rail plan 2030 will meet the international standard of services India is a large and vast country with population more than 1.5 billion. Transportation has always been a serious problem of big countries. India has a solid economy based on […]

Aug . 2 . 2017

India has rights to defend its cargo business, if it seems in danger CPEC will affect Indian cargo business, said Indian Government machinery Now a days, everywhere in South Asia, there are debates on CPEC. There is no doubt it is a very big co-project between two giant nations of South Asia, Pakistan and China. […]

Jul . 28 . 2017

Collective efforts to improve trade and investment Growing strength of Indian economy and huge population is quite lucrative for exporters of many developed nations. But there is a specialty about UK relations with India in all departments due to rule of the earlier in subcontinent for about one hundred years. To promote UK trade with […]

Jul . 26 . 2017

To increase cargo handling and goods transport, bilateral trade need to be improved It is well known by the major trading nations that with over one billion population, any country is a good market for their goods and services. In Asia, there are two neighboring countries that have this characteristic and one of them is […]

Jul . 24 . 2017

Air India, Indian ports and road transportation serve its nation at their best Air India has announced that Flights are available all the time to get Cargo from UK to India Transportation is very important in the field of business and it opens a new dimension of business and there is no trade or business […]

Jul . 12 . 2017

First, lot of cargo air travels between Afghanistan and India Afghanistan-India air corridor is an initiative taken to strengthen the bond between two countries. Afghan president Ashraf Ghani was present at the inauguration as the first flight took off loaded with air cargo. The ceremony took place at the Kabul international airport. The cargo contains […]

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